Our Story

Ming's Garden began humbly as the private horticultural collection of our matron, former First Lady, Amelita "Ming" Ramos. Over the years, we have opened up the garden to the public and developed it into a nature-focused, family-friendly business.

Welcome Home, Welcome to Ming's Garden


  • Our mission is simply to make you feel at home – a home with award-winning Filipino food, a beautiful sprawling garden, equipped to cater any private event, and staffed by caring, courteous, and knowledgeable personnel.



  • We aim to be the premier eco-leisure getaway destination in Tagaytay that honors the life and legacy of Amelita and Fidel Ramos by offering our guests quintessentially Filipino hospitality within our one-of-a-kind garden.


Beauty inside Ming's Garden

Frequently Asked Questions




We are located on Sta. Rosa Road, Brgy. Pasong Langka Silang Cavite. Around 10 min away from San Antonio de Padua.

Our Services



We have four (4) business centers: Our restaurant, pasalubong store, plant store and the events department.

Operating Hours



Our Plant Store is open from 8:00AM until 6:00PM daily.


Our Restaurant and Pasalubong Store is open for walk-in and reservations from 8:00AM until 9:00PM daily on weekdays and 7:00AM until 10:00PM on weekends and holidays.


Our Events Office will accommodate all your concerns for your event from 9:00AM until 6:00PM daily.

Contact Us



Restaurant & Pasalubong Store: 09171267308


Plant Store: 09171494462


Events Office : 09171444933 / 09171267133


Email: mingsgarden.ph@gmail.com


Facebook: facebook.com/mingsgarden.ph or facebook.com/mozuatmings


Scrumptious food, excellent customer service, and lovely garden - triple treats for us! Best Bulalo I’ve tasted in Tagaytay so far.

October 20, 2022

Had the most unforgettable wedding at Ming's Garden. The garden scenery set the romantic mood for everyone to cry and experience the once in a lifetime union of me and my wife.


December 16, 2022

The place is so beautiful especially the plants and flowers. The ambience is very relaxing I feel like I am home. And the food is really great. Our family's favorite is the special bibingka. We rarely get to eat a real Filipino bibingka and theirs is one of the best we had. And the service crew, awesome. Two thumbs up.

April 29, 2022

We love the food! Nice staff and since we have a huge family they have given us a private space/room we felt safe plus the garden!

January 4, 2022